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Pura Vida Bracelets

The purchase of these handcrafted bracelets supports artisans around the world in over 150 countries and provides them with quality work environments and full-time jobs. From humble beginnings, this company started from a love of the "pura vida lifestyle" sparked by a trip to Costa Rica by two recent Southern California college graduates. It has grown immensely since that time and has been able to increase its impact by giving over $1,500,000 back to causes they believe in with their Charity Collection

What do I love about these bracelets? I wore them all through college and used to have a permanent tan line from the stack I had on my left wrist. They're waterproof, colorful, adjustable for any wrist size, and allow me to express my moods and creativity depending on the day. As a Pura Vida Rep, I'm proud to support their mission and their products. Feel free to use my code Lomichellefritz20 for 20% off your purchase. Copy it and paste it in the box at checkout!