Partnering with marine mammals to inspire eco-mindsets for a greener planet

Aligning conservation values with ecotourism experiences

life by the sea, for the sea

NOW, MORE THAN ANY OTHER POINT IN HISTORY, we have the distinct opportunity to become both the explorers and the ambassadors of this wondrous, liquid frontier...
— Andrea Marshall, Founder of Marine Megafauna Foundation

Our oceans need help. But I'm not hear to tell you about the doom and gloom. I'm on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to love the big blue thing that's responsible for the very air that we breathe. How? Through the implementation of practical, simple, day-to-day changes we can make in our lives. This space is for sharing stories and conversations about the environmental issues we're concerned about, the adventures we're living, and the thoughts we're pondering. 

My name is Lauren. I work in marine tourism (whale watching and running ethical swim-with-wild-dolphin tours) and write about the conservation issues and environmental concerns that I face on a day-to-day basis to inspire societal change.

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What's life as a seasonal guide like? Here's a quick summary of 2017: 

This has been a wild year - I've spent 3 tourist seasons on 3 different islands, guiding on snorkel, whale watch, and dolphin swim tours. Maui, I love you. San Juan Island, you feel like home. Kaikoura - you've reinvigorated me. I've never been in so much saltwater, and it feels amazing!

Lauren Fritz is a naturalist, writer, and photographer that tumbled headfirst into a passionate love affair with travel and island living after realizing just how intoxicating this salty and snowy world can be. She's worked as a whale watch, snorkel, and dolphin swim guide in Maui, Hawai’i; the San Juan Islands in Washington State; Kaikoura, New Zealand; and Hervey Bay, Australia. On island, her time is spent teaching visitors about ocean conservation and marine life, but she also maintains a childlike sense of curiosity and wonder and enjoys living life as a permanent student - continuously learning about the ocean, the mountains, and the different cultures that she encounters in her explorations. This blog is an elaboration of her thoughts, musings, and meaningful experiences, with a focus on conservation and mindful living.