Partnering with marine mammals to inspire eco-mindsets for a greener planet

Marine Conservation

I am all about promoting marine conservation and environmental sustainability. Making meaningful lifestyle choices that protect our beautiful planet shouldn't be that complicated - we'll explore these choices together!

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The Ocean Conservation Crisis

Orcas by San Juan Island

Every single person in our world today is impacted by the ocean. Many get lost in its beauty and feel a sense of peace when they wander its diverse shores or jump into its sparkling depths. Others directly obtain their livelihood from the sea through fishing or other forms of obtaining food. Some of us spend hours admiring the beautiful animals that call it home (come whale watch with me!). But issues like overfishing, waste mismanagement, and changing ocean conditions are wreaking havoc on this massive ecosystem.

We need the ocean to breathe. Our survival is tied to its health. If there's one little thing I can do to give back an ounce of what the ocean has given to me, I want to do it! For now, that involves maintaining this blog to hopefully bring awareness and inspire others to join and continue this conservation journey with me. 


Going green doesn’t have to be scary, hard, or overwhelming. Take it one step at a time with me. I’m providing easy, attainable suggestions for actions you can take each week to make a difference. Start today!