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Lauren is a marine naturalist, wildlife photographer, and lifestyle writer who splits her time between various islands and coastlines around the world working in marine conservation. She started out working between Maui and the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington before moving to a little town on the South Island of New Zealand called Kaikoura, known for its crazy variety of marine life. Her next move? She's on her way to Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia to work with the South Pacific humpback whales. She is extremely fortunate to call such beautiful places home, and she tries to not take it for granted - her time is spent raising awareness about marine conservation and teaching others about the beautiful creatures that call the ocean home. 

When she's not out on a boat taking passengers on educational snorkel, dolphin swim, and whale watch excursions, you can find her scuba diving, hunting for treasure, brewing good coffee, or figuring out how to cook the world's most phenomenal vegetarian and vegan food. She has a passion for words and visuals, and spends a significant amount of time writing about her interactions with the world.

Producing high-quality, creative, and unique content to promote a sustainable lifestyle and teach others about conservation is one of her greatest passions. She also loves to travel and adventure with like-minded individuals. Interested in working with her or want to collaborate? Connect with her below, or contact her here. She'd love to hear from you!

Want to read more of her work? You can check out her current blog posts at the following sites (especially relevant if you like to read about whales and conservation!):

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