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The Inspiration behind the greenest Blue

I have a personal mission to inspire readers to live a greener lifestyle in order to protect the big blue. That's where the inspiration for The Greenest Blue comes from - started in 2017, the blog is about enjoying our lives to the fullest while showing respect for our environment and being aware of how our lifestyle choices affect the planet. Essentially, it’s about living mindfully. I think that, all too often, we get overwhelmed with the state of the environment and all the crises facing the ocean. I get it. I’m surrounded by it everyday. But this blog is focused on stepping away from that “doom and gloom” attitude and embracing life for what it is today, while taking mindful actions that support our eco-friendly mindsets. Are you looking for some simple, straightforward green inspiration? Are you looking for conservation conversations to be happy about? You’re in the right place.

I recently started an 8-week series of eco-changes you can make in your daily life. Read about it here!

If I had to pick one thing that stands out in my mind when I think about the ocean, it would be the color that reflects from the water when the wind ruffles the surface and the sun illuminates the troughs with the tiniest sparkles. That color is the greenest blue you can imagine, and the muse for my journey in marine conservation.


My story

I am a marine naturalist, wildlife photographer, and lifestyle writer who splits my time between various islands and coastlines around the world working in marine conservation. I started out working between Maui and the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington before moving to a little town on the South Island of New Zealand called Kaikoura, known for its insane variety of marine life. I just finished a season in Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia working with the South Pacific humpback whales, and am back in Kaikoura for another summer season. I am extremely fortunate to call such beautiful places home, and I try to not take it for granted - my time is spent raising awareness about marine conservation and teaching others about the beautiful creatures that call the ocean home. 

Here’s a weird twist - I grew up in Northern Idaho and completed my undergrad at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Two very non-oceany places. I’ve always been mesmerized by the sea, though. I grew up going to the Oregon Coast and we took some family holidays to California, Mexico, and Hawai’i. But what really solidified my love of the sea was my study abroad experience in Perth, Western Australia. There is such an ocean-centric culture there - I was hooked! That led me to seek out a marine conservation internship in South Africa (volunteering with a resident marine biologist and working with a great white shark cage-diving tour operator). Then on to Hawai’i - the adventure constantly continues!

what I do

My work is based on marine tourism; we take guests out on eco-excursions and use our tours as platforms to foster unique learning opportunities centered around wildlife biology, ecology, and environmental conservation. I’ve done this in the form of whale watches, snorkel tours, and wild dolphin encounters.

When I’m not out on a boat taking passengers on these excursions, you can find me scuba and freediving, hunting for treasure, brewing good coffee, figuring out how to cook the world's most phenomenal vegetarian and vegan food, or blogging right here on The Greenest Blue. I have a passion for words and visuals and spend a significant amount of time writing about my interactions with the world.

Producing high-quality, creative, and unique content to promote a sustainable lifestyle and teach others about conservation is one of my greatest passions. I also love to travel and adventure with like-minded individuals. Check out my Portfolio & Press page for more info. Interested in collaborating with me? Contact me here. I'd love to hear from you!

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