Milford Track - Tramping in May 2018

A couple of crazy (amazing) ladies and I tackled the Milford Track in early May - a few weeks ago. It was one of the most incredible things I've ever done. We had some wet, wild, windy weather, and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. There were waterfalls cascading in every direction you looked - best not to hike with a full bladder here or you'll wee yourself. Thinking of hiking the Milford yourself? The Great Walks season runs October 24th - April 30th and the track requires bookings. It books out MONTHS in advance, as it's crazy popular. But it DOES live up to the hype, even in the rain. In fact, I reckon the rain makes it better! The hike is about 54 km long and takes four days. There are three huts along the way that will give you the shelter you need and the amazing views you crave.

Please be aware that the weather changes rapidly in Fiordland National Park. This tramp definitely requires an intermediate level of fitness, and you should always go prepared for the worst. Hiking outside of the Great Walks season is only recommended for experienced trampers. Avalanches, river crossings, flash floods are not uncommon. NZ's Mountain Safety Council has lots of good information. #makeithomeNZ

In my opinion, it is certainly the "finest walk in the world." This was one of my favorite tramps in New Zealand. Get me off the grid again, please. Once I surrendered to the rain, the wind, and the wild, breathtaking feeling of being completely at Mother Nature's mercy, I felt this intense feeling of peace. 

Get out and explore the world, and please hike safely and respectfully.