Company Crush: Clam & Clasp


One of the most powerful forces that continues to nurture my zest for ocean conservation is the connection with like-minded, creative individuals who are working towards the same mission - but usually from a slightly different angle! This always encourages me to keep on fighting for the sea. She needs our voices on land. I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Janell, the founder and creator of Clam & Clasp, and instantly fell in love with her beautiful pieces of jewelry. Each features a sustainably collected seashell and a promise to speak for the sea. Check them out!

For a Good Cause

Clam & Clasp donates 20% of their profits to a few different ocean conservation organizations in the Southern California area, so you can feel warm and fuzzy about your purchase. Also, each piece of jewelry arrives in your mailbox in plastic-free packaging (love this!) with a note about which organization you're helping to support with your purchase. Does it get any better than that?

The Perfect Gift (for Someone Else, or Yourself!)

The company is new this year, but Janell's love for the ocean goes way back. Check out her website for more on her motives and her passions and to shop a variety of beautiful handcrafted necklaces and bracelets. I ordered myself an Inspire Necklace and a Restore Bracelet and couldn't be more excited to adorn myself with these oceanic beauties. I'll certainly be returning to the site to purchase gifts for friends and family. My favorite part of the whole experience was the option of choosing which color of shell you'd like - it's really personalized, and a fun way to get involved in the process. If you're curious about my necklace and shell choice, I chose pink and white and couldn't be happier with the result!

Clam & Clasp
How amazing is this plastic-free packaging? Message in a bottle.

How amazing is this plastic-free packaging? Message in a bottle.

Make sure to follow Clam & Clasp on Instagram too. If you haven't already fallen in love with this company, you will after you see their inspiring and visually stunning feed!

Spread that Ocean Love, and #Speakforthesea

With these necklaces and bracelets, you definitely don't need to be by the sea to show your love and appreciation for it. The photos from this post were taken at my family's lake house in Northern Idaho. But now, I'm excited to bring them along to Australia with me for a whale season down under. I'm sure the whales will like them, too.