The Final Week: 8 Weeks to a Greener Life & a Bluer Sea

the final week

Well, we're here. 3 weeks late - I just wanted to drag out the final week's challenge to really make sure it would be a good one. Whether or not you've been following along with the posts from the past couple of months, I hope that this final part of the 8 Week Eco-Challenge series will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to continue on the journey towards a greener lifestyle and ocean conservation.

So what's the challenge? Easy. Well, not really. But it's a simple concept. Ready?

Do something today that scares you.

I'm sure you've heard a similar quote before. Eleanor Roosevelt said it: "Do one thing every day that scares you."

So what's the connection between this challenge and environmental activism? Look, going green can be scary. It means changing habits that you've grown up with. It means politely talking to your parents and grandparents about a new way of life you've adopted that doesn't necessarily mesh with their viewpoints. It means going against the grain more often than not. It means being adaptive, open-minded, and vulnerable to change. That's scary. And it's hard. I recognize and respect that, because I muddle through these changes every single day. I stumble a lot. I fall. I get up. 

So, if you do one thing this week that scares you - it doesn't even need to be related to conservation - you might just start paving the way in your mind for new habits to form and new thoughts to spark around a willingness to transition to a greener lifestyle. It'll make these eco-changes seem more achievable. It might give you that I CAN DO THIS mentality. Change can be scary at first. But then you adjust. And adapt. We're human beings. We're meant to do exactly that. 

pick your own challenge

So you get to pick your own challenge this week. Make sure it's at least a little scary. Sign up for that photography class. Ask the barista out for coffee (lol). Take an extra long run. Try a yoga class. Start a simple meditation practice. Speak up for yourself next time someone lashes out at you. Give up meat for a day (OK, so there are plenty of ways you can tie your challenge into conservation....can't help myself).

Good luck, my fellow fearless human beings. Want to know what I did that scared me this week? I signed up for a freediving class and that shit scares me. I love the ocean, you know. But freediving? A whole new world. I've had a lot of doubt in the area. Always think my lungs will explode, I'll black out, drown. I think this course might just help me break through some mental limits. It's not until October, but you can bet I'll keep you posted with how it goes!

What did you think of the 8-Week Eco-Challenge? How'd you do? Get in touch with ideas and success stories, or struggles and difficulties, that you had during the last couple of months. That makes this all worth it!

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