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From the Sunny Coast to Brisbane to the Gold Coast - Adventures in Eastern Oz

I had some time off! And it was amazing! Whale watching is a beautiful way to spend your days, don’t get me wrong. In the midst of a busy season, though, you can bet I’ll snatch an opportunity to take a few days off and explore amazing Aussie. After taking so many guests on our trips who simply gushed about the Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay, I knew I wanted to go see them for myself.

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San Juan-dering - Exploring San Juan Island on a Sunny Day Off

I'm pretty lucky to have an amazing archipelago to explore on my days off.  I've already written about Orcas and Lopez, but how could I overlook the island that I actually call my summer home? San Juan Island is a true gem in the Salish Sea. It's filled with hiking trails that wind along rocky shorelines and mossy forests, beaches covered in driftwood and harbors brimming with old-time charm, rolling fields of lavender and local farms that supply a vibrant farmer's market on Saturdays, and sweeping vistas of neighboring islands, the Olympic Mountains, and inter-island channels of water. I spend a good portion of my day pinching myself to ensure I'm in reality and drooling over the insane natural beauty of this place.

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Craving Clarity - Tramping Up Mountains to Rise Above the Haze

I'm really into solo adventuring. I do enjoy the company of people, and I wouldn't call myself anti-social, but I do my recharging when I have my mind to myself. I have a tendency - a flaw, perhaps - of adjusting my behavior to "suit" whoever I'm with. I try to guess which aspects of my personality my companions would find most enjoyable and this is what I provide to them. I'm a people pleaser - I don't like to disappoint, so this could very well be a reflection of that trait. But that isn't being true to myself. It's something I'm working on, and in the meantime, I find my solace and healing in solitude.

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